Mzansi viewers mourn for Thandeka – Isibaya

03 March 2020
Asikho right, sikhumbula uThandeka.
mzansi mourns thandeka

It is the greatest tragedy to hit the Zungu and Ndlovu families.

The flower of the Manzini’s was taken in a brutal and tragic shooting right in front of the love of her life, Sbusiso. Judas Ngwenya has been trying to find a way to stick it to the Zungus and taking Thandeka hit the nail on the heart!

Mzansi peeps have been in tears since her death was confirmed last night mourning the loss of Thandeka and the Sbudeka love story.

Some are still in the first stage of grief, denial; they just can’t believe Thandeka is really gone while some have gone the full five stages to acceptance. Basically, Mzansi is not okay.

What will you miss most about Thandeka?

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