Mzansi Ultimate Movie Night!

27 February 2021
From the story of a kasi dance sensation to an unforgettable dinner night with friends, you don't want to miss these movies on Mzansi Magic.
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Masupa – Saturday at 20:30

When was the last time you watched a really good father-daughter love and dance story? Probably never! Which is why you need to watch Mzansi Original Movie, Masupa. Leading the story is Noni, a aeventeen-year-old girl who has never failed to captivate those who are privileged enough to watch her dance but isn’t satisfied with limiting herself to street dancing alone, she has ambitions of training as a professional dancer and taking her talent to the biggest stages in the world. Luckily for Noni she has the support of her loving and adoring father, Linda to see her all the way through. 

Linda and Noni’s bond is further strengthened by their shared passion for dance and Linda is determined to help his daughter reach the goals that he could never attain. See how their ambition, love and passion for dance take Noni and her father from stage to stage while testing the strength of their beautiful father-daughter relationship. 

Together, Noni and Linda set out to film an audition video that Noni will need to submit for a prestigious dance school scholarship. Noni realizes that in order to stand out from the thousands of trained dancers who are also entering the competition, she will need to do something completely different. With the help of her best friend and father, Noni sets out to make the short dance film of her dreams. However, just as things start to work out for Noni and Linda; they are mugged and lose the camera where all their footage for the film is stored. With only a few hours left until entries close, will Noni make it? Or will she lose everything and be torn away from her father and one true passion, dance?

One Night Kwa Mxolisi – Saturday at 21:30

When a once semi-successful rugby player opens a new restaurant, his friends come to celebrate his success. But after one too many vodkas and a few too many truth-bombs, illusions are shattered and friendships are tested. A group of close university friends get together to celebrate the opening of Mxo’s new restaurant, M.X.O’s on 4th. M.X.O. is a hiding a secret that could tear his marriage apart – his rugby contract will not be renewed due to a shoulder injury. Throughout the evening the pressure on the hidden secrets between all the friends, not just M.X.O. and his wife, Lerato, surmounts to breaking point.

Want to know more about One Night Kwa Mxolisi: Read this interview with comedian turned actor in the movie, Donovan Goliath as he takes up acting. Or maybe go behind the scene with actor and director Sisanda Henna as he comes full circle

Whatever entertainment you love to watch, Mzansi Magic has got you!