Mzansi stans MaYeni – uThando Nes'thembu

05 July 2019
FIVE times Mzansi decided to stan MaYeni!
mzansi stans mayeni

What better way to end season three of uThando Nes’thembu than with MaYeni’s gorgeous traditional Zulu wedding? The second wife of the Mseleku family has taken the season by storm coming out of her shell as candy crush player to Mzansi’s favourite Mseleku wife.

Whether she is throwing low-key shade, or making sure she takes her business and minds it over a bottle of water – Mzansi loves her and can’t seem to get enough of the stylish, confident and calm queen.

We take a look at FIVE times Mzansi had no choice but to stan MaYeni!

1. When she had her beautiful white wedding

To say MaYeni looked like a dream at her beach wedding would be an understatement. The second wife was a vision and after a long journey of love with Musa Mseleku, she finally got her fairytale wedding.

2. When she made sure she stayed out of MaCele’s wedding unless called upon

MaCele was very clear that there was no need for any of the other wives to be in the kraal during her traditional Zulu wedding because she is the first wife, and Musa had no wives when he married her.

While the other wives may have been a little confused, MaYeni knew where her place was, saying she saw the ceremony as something between two people and it didn’t involve her.

3. Every time she threw shade

She has not been dubbed the Queen of Shade for nothing. MaYeni, in that quiet calm nature of hers, has jabs for days and you may not see them coming hidden under her humour and smile. Remember the shade she threw at her bridal shower and the shade she managaed to make time for at her Zulu wedding?

4. When she talked about her love story with Musa Mseleku

It was difficult not to shed a tear with MaYeni as she spoke about how she might have liked things to have gone between her and Musa. In the end, we are happy that she is happy with the outcome.

5. When she proudly wore her Zulu wedding attire at her traditional Zulu ceremony

Whatever people’s opinions may be about MaYeni’s traditional attire at her wedding, the Queen of Shade and Confidence does not care. So gorgeous did she look that her husband had no choice but to stan her confidence and beauty too.

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