Mzansi’s leading moms

08 May 2020
Our mothers, they are all different but have one undeniable thing in common; unconditional love and the will to do just about anything for their families.
<p>Happy mothers day</p>

This Mother’s day we are celebrating some of our favourite Mzansi mamas and all the things that make them amazing in their own unique ways!

The Feisty Protective Mom – The River’s Lindiwe “Madlabantu” Dikana

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She may be a villain in many people’s eyes, a hardcore woman when it comes to business and has even done some questionable things to get her way, but what you can’t take away from “Madlabantu” is the unconditional love she has for her family and this rings true for all the leading women in our lives. With her motherly instinct of seeing trouble coming and her tough love towards her children, she stays being protective by any means (literally) in true boss mother style!


The Free-Spirited Mom - Madam – “Madam and Mercy”

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We all know her, the beautiful, bubbly, heart of gold and a personality that is out there and impossible to not love mother. Madam is that mother, On her new show “Madam and Mercy” we’ve gotten to see the fun mother that she is to her daughters but also the mother that you can talk to about any and everything and best believe, she will give her two cents accompanied by funny remarks at times but she will be right by your side because she, like any mother, just wants to see her family taken care of and happy.


The Street-wise Mom - MaZet – Lockdown

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A mother’s love and protection know no bounds, it does not choose where to flourish. This has been evident with MaZet as her biggest fear came true when her daughter became her prison mate. Even with their strained relationship, she managed to protect her daughter Nkuli with all her might, as any mother would, she did whatever it took without a second thought to make sure that even behind the dangerous, uncertain and cold bars, her daughter felt seen and safe and if that isn’t love in its purest form then we don’t know what is!


The fire-cracker Gcina West Nkabinde – The Queen

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Coming in guns blazing, drug lord Skhumbuzo’s older sister is the epitome of the strength and power of a mother. The powerful businesswoman and philanthropist is not to be messed with when it comes to those near and dear to her. We all know the mom who will go to war with you or rather for you, the ride or die, the touch one touch all and this woman right here, is all of that. We have no choice but to stan!

We laugh, cry, dance, cook with them and even get crazy mad at them but what remains is that through everything, they are our everything. They are simply, home.