Mzansi Magic Finales

29 June 2017
The closing bell has rung for some of your fav shows. Don't fret, new shows you'll love are coming your way!
mzansi magic finales

You know the television is part of the furniture, but the shows you watch on that little screen have grown to be part of the furniture and the family. Sadly, some of them have reached their end after months you've loved.

Don't worry, we have got you covered! New additions to the family are on the way and you'll just love how the Mzansi Magic family is growing 

#IgaziMzansi finale - Sunday, 02 July

It has been a tumultuos season for the royal family against S'chotho and NomaRussia. The two are a force to be reckoned with. From raising Jonga from the dead as a snake man to mamaging o get rid of Bantu and the Queen Mother so that Jonga could take the Mbangatha throne. In the penultimate episode, we saw Jonga returning to the royal house and making sure the Queen Mother was sent to jail on false accusations. S'chotho made sure Bantu was trapped in the cave forever and Phumza waited outside for a husband and son that may never return. 

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How will the chips fall in the finale to this action-filled season? Will NomaRussia and S'chotho win for all the gambles they have taken? Can Bantu make it out of the cave to stop them? Who will sit on the throne as the Mbangatha king?

Don't miss the season finale of #IgaziMzansi this Sunday at 20:00! Catch iNumber Number starting Sunday, 09 July at 20:00!

#IsikiziMzansi finale - Monday, 03 July

Mcethe has terrorised the royal house without anyone to defend the helpless civilians of Ngoqo land. Every time he has come close to being caught, he has been as slippery as a fish in water in escaping. However, the chickens may have come to roost in the penultimate episode of Isikizi. Methe's mother came into the picture and revealed his true and lost identity. Will Mcethe kill his own mother and Sizwe to save his skin? Will he succeed? Can KwaKhanya save herself from his wrath and mad plans? 

Catch #IsikiziMzansi finale Monday, 03 July at 20:00! Don't miss Isthunzi making a season 2 return Monday, 10 July at 20:00!

#UyangthandaNa finale - Tuesday, 04 July

For weeks, Mzansi has watched hopeful singles brush up and dress up to woo their crush. They have pined over their potantial, thinking about the possibility of being together forever, hoping that their crush feels they love they do. Tuesday nights have been evenings of heartbreak and moments to find love. 

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With one more episode left, will the last Mzansi single find love with their crush on Uyang'thanda Na? Will the answer to their question, Uyang'thanda Na, be a yes or no?

Tune into Uyang'thanda Na season finale Tuesday, 04 July at 20:00 to find out! Catch Please Step In returning Tuesday, 11 July at 20:00!

LTDWSomizi finale - Wednesday, 05 July

He works hard, he plays hard and we have had front row seats to him creating and living every detail of his epic dream. Somgaga has taken us from boardroom discussions about his new book, to the Sarafina stage and to Zanzibar. 

One can only guess the amazing adventures he will take us on in the last episode but make sure you are tuned in Wednesday, 05 July at 20:00! 

Don't miss Diski Divas making a season 3 return starting Wednesday, 12 July at 20:00!

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