Mzansi Cribs Makeover, pulling at our heart strings

09 March 2022
It comes as no surprise that the Mzansi Magic Cribs team is the A team. They come across many challenges with the makeovers, but they continue to wow us every time when it was reveal time.Our favourites though are the reactions of the chosen. They are always completely in awe, completely wowed and completely overwhelmed. There have been many tears shared this season and we thought we would compile a couple of their reactions to warm your heart.
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Who can forget the heartfelt tears that Rethabile’s mom cried when she saw her kitchen redone at her day care center? We were not crying, you were😉. 

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Then there was a look back at John’s reaction that was a double reaction as he was seeing the kitchen of his dreams. He was also realizing that he had finally fulfilled his late wife’s vision of her perfect kitchen.

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Then there was the beautiful reaction of the Gumbi’s. They could not believe that this was their new bathroom and that it was all because their daughter nominated them for the makeover, this made them very proud of her.

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LadyT got the revamp that make Pinterest boards jealous. Mathobotha was extremely excited and overwhelmed at her new store, that transforms into a store during the day and is a garage at night.

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Elias’s excitement over his new kitchen comes with a big sigh of relief because of pressure that he had felt because of the financial difficulties that he experienced during the pandemic. They prevented him from renovating his kitchen, but now that 'monkey' as he called it is off his back and he can enjoy a cup of tea with his family in his new kitchen.

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A million good deeds have brought back good fortune to Tshepo as he received a makeover for his family because of his heart and his love for his family and friends. Instead of renovating his room he chose to renovate the kitchen so that his family can enjoy the makeover as well.

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Makgomo’s reaction was one of pure joy as she looked at her well thought out, brand-new bathroom. This was specifically created so that she had ease of movement and thus making her life easier, since she has health issues. Makgomo felt seen and was very thankful.

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Sibonile’s reaction was very heartwarming. Life has not been easy for her, but you can see that the Mzansi Cribs Makeover team has given her a kitchen that takes away one less thing to do on her very full plate. She's now able to focus on what matters the most, her family.


None of these reactions would have even been a thought had it not been for the family members/ friends who thought of paying it forward. Don’t miss another episode this Thursday on Mzansi Magic at 21:30 or alternatively on Catch Up. #MzansiCribsMakeover