Most Expensive Gyms in the World

01 April 2015
Take a look at eight of the most expensive gyms in the world
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Have a little extra cash to spend? Well, if you have R300 000 sitting idle in the bank, maybe we could convince you to ditch your good old gym with the locker room that smells like toes, for a posh turn at one of these fancy gyms? If you've ever imagined yourself sweating it out with the worlds rich and famous (let's not forget thin), while listening to your Spice Girls cd, then take a look at this list of awesome, but ridiculously expensive gyms.

1. Wellness Sky
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Membership: R362 161, 00
The Wellness Sky in Belgrade, Serbia boasts stunning views of the city. This unique gym blends yoga, Pilates and tai-chi into one training regimen

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Membership: R362 161, 00
EXOS is one of the most exclusive gyms in the world and is open only to professional athletes. Among EXOS' clientele are world renowned athletes including Kevin Love and Mario Williams, who have direct access to the gym’s 60 metre track, football field, underwater treadmill, cold and hot pools, as well as on site physical therapy services.

3. E at Equinox
Location: New York, New York
Membership: R313 721,00
In order to gain admittance to the exclusive New York City's E at Equinox, the first order of business is passing the gym's retina scanner. Everything from body compositions, to metabolic rates to movement analyses are monitored by "Tier 4" experts to ensure that Equinox is supplying the best in health management.

4. Madison Square Club
New York, New York
Membership: R301 655, 00
This exclusive club is headed by celebrity personal trainer David Kirsch and is a favourite amongst stars like Heidi Klum and Ivana Trump. The gym does not look like a gym at all and boasts fancy interior deco that includes plush oriental rugs and wooden floors.

5. Houstonian Fitness Club
Located: Houston, Texas
Membership: R289 588,00
This gym is housed at the Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa and boasts 300 cardio and strength machines, three swimming pools and eight tennis courts. The gym’s boxing ring is also quite a popular treat for the Houstonian’s high-end clientele.

6. Harbour Club
Location: London, England
Membership: R241 324,00
Harbour Club is the favourite haunt of royals including Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana. There are over 13 courts in the establishment, as well as a waterfall swimming pool surrounded by the club's state-of-the-art machinery surrounds.

7. Sitaras Fitness
Location: New York, New York
Membership: R150 224, 00
Sitaras Fitness Center is one of the most popular New York gyms for Wall Street's cream of the crop. It boasts a luxurious personal training program tailored to each member's personal needs that sees members take a mandatory six-hour fitness evaluation upon joining. The gym requires that members take a minimum of two personal training sessions per week, each costing at R1500.

8. Detroit Athletic Club
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Membership: R57 861,00
This club has several floors containing a professional size swimming pool, basketball court and running track, as well as squash, handball and racquetball courts. There's also an eight-lane bowling center that overlook a marina with a fully functioning boat dock.

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