Moshe Ndiki celebrates 10 years of Mzansi Magic

11 August 2020
Our Uyang'thanda Na? presenter shares some memories with Mzansi Magic.

Moshe Ndiki - funny and always ready to entertain us! He's the king of sarcasm and love analogies as he tries to connect people with their dream crush. But he's also been the acting prince on your favourite Telenovela, The Queen. He has been an important part of the Mzansi Magic culture, and it's no wonder that he was the 2020 DStv Viewers Choice Award recipient for best TV presenter. 

We sat down with him in celebration of ten years of Mzansi Magic and he reveals what his favourite Mzansi Magic television show is and more....ni ready? 👯

1. What is your first memory of Mzansi Magic? 🎬

My first memory of Mzansi Magic was definitely the Mzansi Bioskops, I used to enjoy those

2. Throughout the years, if you had to choose one, what’s your favourite Mzansi Magic television show and why? 💘

I would definitely say The River because of how their storylines keep you on your toes.

3. You’ve had a chance to both act (The Queen) and present (Uyang’thanda na?) on Mzansi Magic. Which has been your favourite experience and why? 👅

Uyangthanda Na because helping people to find love and get together makes me happy.

4. When you started your journey on Uyang’thanda na? did you ever imagine you’d become one of the most memed people in the country? 😅

No. But I love and appreciate Uyangthanda Na for giving me a space to be me. There was no template of presenting style that I had to fall under, I just had to be myself. But I have never imagined that I’d be a meme.


5. What’s your favourite meme or GIF or a social clip of yourself from Uyang’thanda na?, The Queen or the DStvMVCAs? 

From Uyangthanda Na when I say “ibisiza ibisiza ibisiza kakuhle and then yaske yathatha isharp curve”


6. What does it mean to you be voted the Favourite Presenter by the South African audience at the DStvMVCAs? 🙌

It means quite a great deal because the people that I do it for are happy with my work and they enjoyed my work so it was a very huge honor that they actually voted in that very tough category and I was the one that ended up walking away with the award, it was the best highlight of my life.


7. What are your thoughts about Mzansi Magic’s contribution to the lives of not only the entertainment industry but the everyday South African? 

Mzansi Magic has uplifted so many artists, has shown and been the backbone of South African stories for quite a while, it has mirrored our societies, how we grew up, how we are living and the aspirations we have- when watching Lindiwe owning the Mine, you get to see a piece of yourself being portrayed on TV. Mzansi Magic has been at the forefront of telling everyday stories so I love and appreciate them for that.


8. What has been your favourite part of being part of the Mzansi Magic family? 👪

It’s such a big, solid and bold brand and it’s so beautiful to be associated with it and it’s people and it’s talent. What’s made me so proud to be part of it is the fact that it gave me the platform, it was my first family on television, to become who I am, to explore my talents and go into the person I am today.


9. What’s your special happy birthday message to Mzansi Magic and Mzansi Magic viewers.

Birthday Message: Happy birthday. May you continue to saw to new heights, may you always be the backbone of our stories in South Africa and to the viewers, thank you so much for allowing us into your TV rooms every day. Thank you for choosing us and for allowing us to be your families and for allowing us to be part of your daily routine. 

Here's to 10 more years of Mzansi Magic! 🎉

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