More drama sibling rivalry healing and building a lasting legacy when Mzansi Magics The Ranakas returns for season 4

21 December 2020
It will be more drama, sibling rivalry and building a lasting legacy when the popular reality TV show The Ranakas returns for season 4 in the new year.
The Ranakas 2021 S4 Billboard 1600 x 800 Pre launch

After Mzansi’s most-loved family gave South Africans great, authentic television over the past three seasons – Ntate Ranaka, Mama Siba, Manaka, Dineo, Mpumi, Mzingisi and Ranaka – return for season 4 amid fresh challenges – healing, finding a sense of belonging, keeping the family together and building intergenerational wealth and legacy.

“For the past three seasons, The Ranakas by Brains At Work Media have given viewers excellent, authentic content that has mirrored the everyday lives of families not just in Leondale in eastern Johannesburg, but in most South African households. This season will not be short of the drama, sibling squabbles and cultural lessons, all the while they navigate the road ahead as a family to build a legacy. Viewers should brace themselves for more entertainment in the new year,” says Nomsa Philiso, the Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net.

Towards the end of season 3, we saw viewers invited to Lapeng la Ranaka Eatery as the family scrambled their resources and came together to open a restaurant at their family home in drama-filled episodes. Viewers also got to see Mpumi, married to a white German man, unite with her fiercest rival Dineo, before causing her father to breakdown over her rape ordeal. Manaka was on a path of self-discovery, while Mzingisi and Michelle tried to adjust to married life, with the youngest sibling, Ranaka, continued to face the wrath of parents who were unimpressed with his lifestyle.

The new season will see Ntate Ranaka and Mama Siba adopting a few causes as part of impacting the community positively while they try to build a family legacy. Will Dineo and Mpumi manage to keep the peace in their relationship and will Mpumi, who had been experiencing severe marital strain, find healing and resolution to her marriage? Something also happens that might bring Manaka, the eldest sibling, closer to Ranaka, the last born in the family. Despite COVID-19 disrupting the entertainment industry, Dineo finds innovative ways to remain in business as she also tries to work on her relationship with her boyfriend and building a family unit.

Watch The Ranakas season 4 on Mzansi Magic DStv channel 161 every Thursday from 07 January 2020.