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31 January 2019
The chosen heir vs the rightful heir.
jama vs mndeni

Manciza may have wanted his adopted son Mndeni to take over from him, but Jama made sure that his father never had the chance to give his birthright to someone else. How long can he keep this deadly secret? Will Mndeni seek revenge for the only father he knew and respected so much?

The world of hitmen is a dark and dangerous one. What we have learned from Mndeni and his father Manciza, is that it also one full of discipline – especially for whoever is expected to lead ibutho. Discipline is the one thing Jama lacks as a leader.

Jama has passion, he has strength, he has killer instinct, he has confidence and arrogance. However, he lacks greatly in discipline.

Quick to be angry and unable to control his rage, he may be more of a liability to the AmaDel’ukufa. When his father told him that he would not take-over from him, Jama’s rage quickly took over and he killed his own father for the throne.

If Jama can kill his own father to get what he wants, then he’d be willing to do the same to anyone in his way…including his brother Mndeni.

Mndeni is the complete opposite of his brother; calm, respectful, disciplined, slow to anger and quick to listen with a gentleness that makes most of us forget that he is a hitman who killed the love of his life’s father in cold blood.

Manciza would have liked Mndeni to take-over from him, something Jama could never accept. Will Mndeni fight to take-over ibutho? Does Mndeni have the stomach to head up the job he hated so much?

Mndeni main and only concerns right now are Khethiwe and making his music to make his father proud. However, with his father killed so painfully, he may have to turn his attention to avenging his father’s death. And finding out that it was his own brother who killed their father may make it even more difficult for Mndeni to avenge his father’s death.

Are you Team Mndeni or Team Jama?

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