Meet the new faces of Isithembiso

27 February 2019
Meet the first year students that are shaking things up!

It's a new year and a new life is injected into campus.That means your favourites have to deal with new blood. How will these faces fit into the storyline? Time will tell, let's first give you a young profile of whose who!

Meet Zoleka AKA Zo 

Zoleka is related to the noctorious Zebediah 'Diamond' but she has no plans to fall under his shadow. She's a girl with big dreams who is willing to do anything to get to the top. No one tells her what to do! Zo is a hardworker who always strategises on  what her next step should be. To Sne's dissapointment, it seems she is no pushover and pushes back twice as hard. She definitely seems like she has what it takes to survive! She just might become JUS FM's next big thing if she plays her cards right. Will she crack it? 

Meet Nhlamulo AKA Mulo 

Mulo is the gentle brother who gets an easy pass at life cause of his good looks and deep pockets. He is the son of a highly respected but controversial mayor, however we soon discover that his relationship with his father is not that breezy! Mulo has a good heart but he might just care a little too much of what everyone thinks of him. This could land him in financial distress. Will he learn to be independent and make unpopular decisions? Time will tell.

Meet Ayanda 

When we first Ayanda her she was drunk and even got sick all over Mam Dolly's carpet! Talk about a grand entrance.This would make her life extremely difficult as Mam Dolly has since had her eyes on her. When she confessed that she did not believe in God, Mam Dolly decided it was time to change that. It seems Ayanda is steadfast in her own beliefs and identity but will she eventually give in to Mam Dolly's demands? 

These students will tackle issues that real life youth are experiencing, where will their story lines take us? Tune into #IsithembisoMzansi and watch their journey unfold every week day at 7:30 pm!