Mary and Mandla's Big Day

22 January 2018
All the elements that made it their perfect wedding.
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Mary and Mandla are no ordinary couple. In addition to the regular Wish List items, they wanted a helicopter ride too!

The helicopter was to fly them from there they were to take their wedding photos, to the reception venue.

Rewind to two days before the wedding, and the couple was seen at the bridal shop for the bride and bridesmaid’s fittings. Mary was pleased with the bridesmaid’s dresses, and looked particularly happy when they did the catwalk around the shop.

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Mary fit her wedding gown and but we didn’t get to see Mandla’s suit until the day of the wedding. He had kept it a surprise.

The décor viewing revealed that Mary only gave the designer the colours she’d like her to work with, nothing specific, much to Kayise’s surprise! However, Mary’s risk worked out because the décor was everything they had hoped for. 

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With that, Mary and Mandla ticked off the items on their Wish List and had a beautiful wedding.

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