Marriage proposals gone wrong

17 July 2015
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A marriage proposal can be one of the most beautiful and memorable events in a woman's (or man's) life. Or it can go very, very wrong. Here are some marriage proposals that were awkward, badly timed, or just unappreciated.

1. "I was in a three year relationship with a guy. I paid all the bills, paid off his debt, kept the apartment clean, lost 30 pounds and then he cheated on me so I broke up with him. We met up for dinner one night to end everything on good terms and that's when he proposed. I flat out said no. His reaction was to cry and sing me Bruno Mars songs. I'm sure he hates Bruno Mars now. Oh, I forgot to mention he also pulled a Seth Rogen and proposed with an empty box."

2. "I had been dating a guy, a bit older than me, for less than a month. I was a sophomore in college. I came home one day and he had convinced my roommate to let him in and I found him in my room, the space covered with paper hearts he cut out, him kneeling on the floor with roses in one hand and a ring in the other. I handled it badly in that I pretended I didn't see any of it and said 'Oh hi! Didn't know you were coming over! Be right back, I need to use the bathroom' and then called my roommate from said bathroom to tell her since she let him in, she can kick him out. I haven't spoke to him since."

3. "We broke up and I was trying to move on. He called and told me he needed to talk to me, so I told him to come over. We sat in his truck and he cried and begged me to marry him. I said no and left him crying. A month later he messaged me to tell me he was going to be a dad. He had knocked her up before we had even broken up. Bullet dodged."

4. "When I found out I was pregnant, my then-boyfriend asked, 'So, do you wanna, like, go get married before you tell your mom you're pregnant?' I laughed in his face. I left him a few months later. He proposed again, about three weeks after my son was born. I politely declined this time, and he said, 'Haha, April Fools!' (It was April 1) I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to prank me, though. I mean, he had a ring and everything."

5. "He was visiting his uncle who lived next door. We became friends, but never, ever did we ever talk about a relationship. I just didn't see him like that. Then one evening, as I sat at home undoing my braids, he comes over, recites an awkward poem and gets on one knee. Next thing he tells me the lobola date and says he's waiting for my mom so he can tell her what he has planned. I told him to go away. I forgave him three years later and we're friends again now."

- Stories sourced from Huffington Post

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