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22 April 2019
The Zungu wives at war
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No one expected things to be easy. Phumelele made it clear that she was not happy that her husband was taking Sibongile as a third wife. But no one could have expected things to continue to be so tense between the wives even after the wedding and disappearance of MaMkhize.


Is MaDlamini being unreasonable or is MaMkhize getting too familiar as a newcomer.

Pot wars:

The first indication of trouble post the wedding was the “pots war” the two wives had. Sibongile moved into the new house and threw out all that was old, a metaphor that Phumelele did not appreciate. When Phumelele couldn’t find her favourite jeqe pot, she decided she would also throw out Sibongile’s new pots. Maybe MaDlamini could have just used the new utensils insteado fo taking things personally, but maybe Sibongile should not have assumed only her utensils were good enough for a family home that has always been shared by wives Phumelele and Siphokazi.

Thokozani war:

We never expected the war to venture into children. This is definitely an area where Sibongile could have taken a step back. But it seems the new wife has not been able to draw the line between new wife and ex-cop – she keeps investigating and meddling in her new fanily’s business.

When Thokozani went on a drinking spree on school premises with friends and landed in hospital, Phumelele decided to take her away from those friends to a school in eBhubesini. Sibongile, after failed attempts to change both Phumelele and Siphokazi’s minds, chose to go speak to Sengwayo and get him to rule that Thokozani would stay in school in Joburg and be supervised by the newlyweds Phumelele is not pleased about.

Should Phumelele be more open to the knowledge Sibongile has to offer as a Jozi woman or should Sibongile butt out of how Phumelele raises her children.

Sengwayo in jail:

MaDlamini and MaMkhize may be at each other’s throats but it seems they will have to rally together for the sake of the husband they share. Given the animosity between them, is it really possible?

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