Love Story: Xolani & Jo-Ann

23 July 2017
Through social media, Xolani reconnected with his high school crush.
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Xolani and Jo-Ann met in high school, but Jo-Ann has no recollection of Xolani, the boy who had a huge crush on her for most of their high school years. She remembers his friends, her friends remember him, but in her mind, Xolani didn't exist in her high school career. 

One day, one of Jo-Ann's friends Candice uploaded a throwback picture on Facebook of Jo-Ann and her group of friends at the tender age of sixteen. Xolani, friends with Candice on Facebook, saw the Jo-Ann in the picture and remembered his high school crush. He asked Candice for Jo-Ann's phone number, and without even asking for her permission first, Candice glady agreed. 

The two started communicating and agreed to go on a date. It didn't start off well, because Xolani was over an hour late for the date. Determined not to dismiss him for that transgression, Jo-Ann waited for him, and found out the delay was caused by his taking public transport. They had a good date, and even end up kissing on their first date.

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