Love Story: Thoko and Vusi

15 October 2017
They would sneak out from home, just to see each other.
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Vusi knew from the beginning that he liked Thoko and we wasted no time, as he told her exactly how he felt. Thoko was a bit skeptical about being in a relationship with him, as she was worried about what her parents would say

Thoko would sneak out from home and they would meet up around the corner from her house during the evenings. Vusi made his move during one of those “meetings” and kissed her, marking a start to their beautiful relationship.

Just like any other couple, they’ve had their fair share of challenges. There was a point where Vusi took a second wife. It took a lot of strength for Thoko to accept this, but in time, she did.  

Tragedy struck when Vusi got ill, with meningitis. After some time, he unfortunately lost his eye sight and that took a toll on their relationship. They’ve gone through quite a lot from this experience and that is why they’re more than thrilled to getting married today.


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