Love Story: Nhlanhla & Jane

09 July 2017
From high school sweethearts to husband and wife.
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It was the year 2000 around December, when 15 year old Nhlanhla first spotted 14 year old Jane taking a stroll with a friend. He was hanging around a street corner with a friend of his own, and the teenage Tebatso caught his eye. He remarked to his friend that he would like to get to know the pretty lady who had just walked past. 

His friend burst his bubble by letting him know that he knew Tebatso well enough to know that he didn't stand a chance. Too enamoured to care, Nhlanhla said hello to Tebatso, who greeted back and said she would come back to where he was, and that he ought to wait. 

Indeed she did come back, and the two struck up a conversation, only to discover that they attended the same school, even though they had never seen each other at school. They made an agreement to walk to school together every morning, and walk each other home at the end of the day. 

During one of these trips, Nhlanhla bore his chest and revealed to Tebatso that he really liked her. Tebatso's very strang response was that she would call him. Turns out she was too shy to tell him that his feelings were reciprocated to his face, so she gave him a call and gave him the news that he'd been waiting for. 


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