Love Story: Mluleki & Snenhlanhla

18 June 2017
Their story had a painful start, but a beautiful ending.
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Mlu and Sne met while both were high scholars in the same school. However, they weren't close, so they would cross paths but not really speak. It was only after high school that they had a proper interaction for the first time.

Sne was taking a walk to the local tuck shop to buy a drink one evening, and Mlu bumped into her and asked her for her phone number. Sne had just lost her phone, so she gave him her sister's phone number. Mlu called two days later and asked Sne to meet him outside. Just like that, their had their first impromptu date, and their first kiss. Mlu admits the kiss hooked him, and he couldn't stay away from Sne after it. He called every day, and they've been together ever since.

After two years, Sne unexpectedly fell pregnant, and fearing the embarrasment and shame she would bring to her pastor father, she moved out of home and with Mlu, before she started to show. Both young and unemployed, life was tough for the lovebirds. They would both ask their mothers for money to make ends meet while Mlu was between jobs. But they credit the fact that they never went to bed hungry to their strong Christian faith. 

After Sne broke the news of her pregnancy to her father, Mlu decided it was time to make things official between them by paying damages and lobola. It may have taken a while, but Sne's family embraced Mlu as their son-in-law. 

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