Love Story: Mary & Boikanyo

30 July 2017
A spiritual mentorship turned into a romantic relationship.
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Boikanyo met Mary when he went to her home to offer prayers for her ailing mother. Mary was hard at work in the kitchen, cleaning the cupboards, and certainly had no time or inclination to notice Boikanyo, but he had certainly noticed her. After he had prayed for her mother, her sister asked if he could pray with her baby sister Mary, which he did. He shared a scripture with her and led her in prayer, but he left with a feeling that there was something very special about Mary. 

They exchanged numbers for the purpose of Boikanyo mentoring Mary int he Christian faith, which she knew very little about. However, as these mentoring session stook place, Boikanyo was falling deeper and deeper in love with his mentee Mary. Scared to admit it to her for fear of rejection, he approached Mary's sister, confessed his feelings for Mary, and asked her to put in a good word for Him.

Mary's sister sneakily introduced the subject to her by asking how she would feel about being a preacher's wife, a thought Mary laughed off and dismissed. Aiming to be a little more specific, her sister asked her how she would feel if Boikanyo were to propose to her. Mary promptly let her know that Boikanyo, three years younger than her, was just too young for her. 

Not put off by the negative report, Boikanyo asked Mary one day to meet him at a jewellry shop. She obliged, and while window shopping for jewellry. One of the shop assistants asked Mary to try on a series of rings, but Mary was oblivious to plan that Boikanyo had concocted to find out her ring size and propose marriage to her. 

Apprehensive because of the age difference and Boikanyo's spiritual vocation, Mary sought her sister's advice, who told her to follow her heart. She did, and it led her straight to Boikanyo. 


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