Love Story: Lindiwe and Nceba

12 November 2017
At first, she didn’t trust him but she finally gave in, after a while.
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Lindiwe and Nceba’s paths crossed one fateful day in 2002, while she was walking back home from the shops. Little did she know that the taxi man she ignored when he greeted her that day, would be the same man she marries years later.

Nceba didn’t take the fact that she ignored him to heart, as stepped out of his taxi and pursued her. Afraid that her parents might see her walking with a man, Lindiwe agreed to meet him another day. When that day arrived, Lindiwe was slightly discouraged to learn that he was a taxi driver because she thought he might disappoint her. She finally gave in after a while and agreed to be in a relationship with him.

Just like any other couple, Lindiwe and Nceba have gone through their fair share of challenges. At one point, it got a little too much for Lindiwe and she moved back home with her parents. But Nceba didn’t stop trying to make it up to her.

One day, they were shopping at the mall and he asked her to come with him to the jewelry shop, where he bought a ring, kneeled down and asked her to marry him. She was more than delighted to say “Yes!” and tonight, we witness them being joined together in holy matrimony.    

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