Love Story: Leonnette and Benedict

11 March 2018
He asked her mother if it would be ok for him to date her.
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Leonnette’s cousin had no idea that his friend’s, Benedict, frequent visits would result in a beautiful and long-lasting relationship between the two.

The couple secretly crushed on each other and during the visits, they’d spend time playing the keyboard and singing, sparking a beautiful friendship.

However, their friendship was put to the test when Benedict’s job required him to move to Queenstown. They lost contact for about two to three years, but they never forgot about each other and Leonnette says her heart would skip a beat every time she saw him when he came for a visit.

Benedict asked for her number again during one of these visits and the two started chatting again. This brought them closer each day and on the day he decided to take their friendship to the next level, he went over to Leonnette’s house to ask her mother if it would be ok with her to date her daughter. She was more than happy, for she thought very highly of him.

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