Love Story: Diana and Jobe

13 May 2018
He asked her to give him a kiss to prove she loved him.
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“Wherever I go, he must go with me,” is Diana’s response to Jobe’s gripe about them not being able to spend more time as a couple, due to her church commitments.

She believes this will enable them to spend as much time as Jobe would like to spend with her. The couple met way back in 2002 at a supermarket. Jobe approached her and as he was chatting her up, it turned out that she knew him, for they live in the same neighbourhood.

At that time, Jobe was dating someone else, someone Diana knew. She admits the spark was there but didn’t want to get involved with him because she knew he was dating someone else.  

But, as fate would have it, they met again and he managed to get a chance to tell her how he felt about her. She admitted she liked him and to prove this, he asked her to give him a kiss. She responded and that’s how it all started.

A challenge came in 2005, when Diana’s family came between them, as a result of a bit of a misunderstanding. They forcefully fetched her from where they lived together and it was only after a few weeks that the couple was able to resolve the issue.

Jobe gave Diana a promise ring during her birthday in 2015. Their wedding is special to them because it’s the same day as her wedding.

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