Love Story: Desiree and Siphamandla

24 September 2017
She caught his eye during the church service two years ago.
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Their story is a classic case of opposites attract. He’s an introvert, she’s an extrovert and love brought them together.

Desiree and Siphamandla met at a church service in 2015. Siphamandla says he literally felt his heart skip a beat the minute he laid eyes on her. Desiree didn’t think much of his greeting after the service that night and it was only after their paths crossed again at another church service, that Siphamandla told her how he felt about her.

Desiree says she had always prayed about the kind of man she wanted for a husband and unfortunately, Siphamandla did not fit that description. However, he did not give up and it took at least six months for her to consider having a real chat with him

It was only after that fateful day in church, when one of the pastors told her to stop running from the truth, that she humbled herself under the will of God and considered a relationship with him.

Siphamandla paid lobola in December that year. Desiree says she felt really special because he had taken all that he had, just so he could pay lobola. To show just how much he meant every word he had said to her, Siphamandla went out to buy her an engagement ring the day after the lobola negotiations. 

The couple reveal that the wedding has been postponed at three times, due to family issues that needed to be sorted out and they couldn’t be happier to walk down the aisle today.   


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