Love Story: Daniel and Thokozile

25 June 2017
A declaration of interest in the front seat of a taxi started it all.
Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 11.06.18 AM

Daniel and Thokozile met over ten years ago while working for the same company. They say in the front seat of a taxi cab together, and Daniel, completely smitten with Thoko, made the gutsy move of declaring his interest in her right there in the presence of the driver. This move ended being a bad one, because Thoko took it to mean he wasn't really serious.

Fastforward a few years, and the pair bumped into each other in an alley. Thoko had a flashback to the day Daniel told her he liked her, and realised that she actually did reciprocate his feelings. She had also recently broken up with her boyfriend, so she was free to give Daniel a chance. 

To test whether Thoko would make a good wife, Daniel challenged her by requesting her to do his laundry, a challenge Thoko rose to without hesistation. Pleasantly surprised as no woman had ever actually washed his laundry before, Daniel know at that point that Thoko was to be his wife. 

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