Love Story: Cabo and Abraham

17 June 2018
Abraham is a man of his word.
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How often do you meet someone and they tell you they’d be the person you end up marrying? Well, that’s what happened to Cabo and Abraham.

The couple met way back in 1993. Cabo’s family had reported a break-in at the local police station and Abraham was one of the officers assigned to the case. He liked her from the moment he laid his eyes on her but couldn’t tell her, so he came up with a cunning way to separate her from her family during the investigation so he could talk to her.

He told her flatly that he liked her and that he’d be the person she marries. Nothing came out of Abraham’s attempt and in 1997, Cabo went to college. It so happened that Abraham’s friend from church attended that same college as Cabo and the friend gave Abraham a number he could use to call Cabo.

He’d call her every day at 4pm for three years. Still, nothing happened between the two. After complete her studies, Cabo moved to another town to start her teaching practice. Once again, their paths crossed, as Abraham was assigned to investigate a break-in case at the school Cabo was doing her teaching practice.

While their friendship started during this “meeting”, they were both married. Unfortunately, they both have had to divorce their partners and out of the tragedy, they both found a way to each other and tonight, they invite relatives and the rest of the country to celebrate their love.

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