Love Story: Adolphina & Hendrick

23 May 2017
Theirs was a story of love lost and love found.
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It has been said that sometimes love is better and sweeter the second time around. For Adolphina and Hendrick, that rang true. 

They met as teenagers who lived in the same neighbourhood. Hendrick first noticed Adolphina as she was taking a leisurely stroll to the local tuck shop. He stopped her and proclaimed his interest in her, then told her to go home and think about how she felt about him and the possibility of a relationship between, telling her he would return to her the next day for her word. 

However, Adolphina waited and waited, but Hendrick didn't turn up the next day as promised. He came back two days later with the excuse that he'd been busy. That wasn't enough to turn Adolphina off, as she indeed agreed to be his girlfriend. 

Adolphina soon fell pregnant, and fearing how things would turn out given they were young, Hendrick made a run for it. For ten years, Adolphina didn't know where he was, until one day she bumped into his friend and asked for his phone number. Brave and resolute, she rang him up and they caught up over the phone. The couple realised they were still in love with each other, so Hendrick gave his family the instruction to begin lobola proceedings immediately. Reunited, and it feels so good!

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