Love, marriage and everything between

05 December 2016
All is fair in love and war...but not so for Thato. With Ntando's affair exposed, is his soulmate now Ipeleng again?

It has been a tumultuous journey to the truth for newly-weds Thato and Ntando. It seemed Ntando would get away with the affair she had with Nqobi, who then went on to nearly murder Thato in a car accident to win Ntando. Love and marriage are no walk in the park, there a million things inbetween that can stand in the way of true love, or reveal infatuation for the fleeting feeling it is. 

34 sthandwa sam

It must have been a soulmate calling to another because in critical condition, Thato only woke up from his come to the sounds of Ipeleng's sweet voice. As if that was not telling, he went on to call her "S'thandwa Sam'", only stoppig short of singing it to her like Thami's new single. Ntando was not happy to see Thato being so responsive to Ipeleng. Was Thato just dazed or does his heart truly believe that Ipeleng is the one for him? 

It was only days before that Thato and Ntando were planning a beautiful life together, doing things the traditionally right way. However, what has become clear is that Ntando's infidelity could not be covered up with lobola negotiations and a baby. 

Thato's heart may have been telling him of events to come because only a few moments after being out of hospital, Thato tragically found out the truth about Ntando and Nqobi's relationship. Mkhu, takes the saying a freind in need is a friend indeed to new heights! To prove to Thato that his wife was in fact cheating, he got spy tapes from security at the firm and ran a quick social poll on Nqobi from various sources who he felt he was as dodgy as he was.

It took only a few piecing of information from Thato and a text from Nqobi of a steamy video of him and Ntando to put paid to Thato's marriage to Ntando just as she thought things were coming together for them. In Thato's words, Tuesday became their Doomsday. 

34 tuesday doomsday


Ntando is a lesson in choices. One decision to dabble where she had agreed not to with Thato in marriage, may have cost her her marriage and drove Thato right back to Ipeleng's arms. Is this really the end for Thato and Ntando? Could he ever forgive her for what she has done? Did anything come of their planned baby making activities? 

Has the universe taken the scenic route to getting Ipeleng and Thato back together? Just as Thato and Vumani have decided to rekindle their friendship? Thato was not too happy to hear that Vumanicould lobola Ipeleng. Vumani himself seems very unsure. Are we on the brink of a Thato, Ipeleng and Vumani love triangle?

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