Isibaya: Love in all the awkward places

25 May 2017
Samson has caught all the unfortunate feelings.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 3.51.54 PM

Cupid seems to have struck and has turned Gatsheni into a cringe-worthy ball of yearing. Having clearly developed an awkward crush on Mabuyi, his actions are fast becoming unbearable to watch. How can he fall in love with his son’ ex-girlfriend?

Love, we all have come to learn though, does not discriminate nor does it ask why. The Ndlovus have always viewed Mabuyi as the perfect wife for Sbu because she seems more tied to what’s expected of a young woman than Thandeka is. She is also especially nurturing and agreeable.

However, since Sbu chose his wife over her following the miscarriage of their baby, both MaKhanyi and Ndlovu couldn’t bare to see her leave. They encouraged her to stay in order to heal from the ordeal and she offered to teach Gatsheni how to read and write. Things have since gone pear-shaped.

As things stand, Mabuyi finds herself in an increasingly puzzling situation as the object of Gatsheni’s affections. Something she didn’t bargain for. Mabuyi clearly is struggling with this kind of attention and finds it uncomfortable to say the least.

There is also the niggling issue of MaKhanyi, who is also a big fan of Mabuyi. Will she be as fond when she learns the truth? What should Mabuyi do?

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