Love and Football

06 March 2017
Philani and Ntokozo met on the soccer field on opposing teams, now they are team Mkhize!
love and football article

Soccer has been called many things, including the beautiful game, but never has anyone thought it to be a game that could bring eternal lovers together. Philani and Ntokozo met on the field, and it took him some convincing to get Ntokozo on his team. But with time and unconditional love, he managed to make her is MVP on his most important team...team Mkhize. 

There was no football at the wedding, needless to say. However, team work was the theme and it made the Mkhize team work very well. For decor, the bride wanted beautiful centrepieces and the groom brihgt colours. They agreed on lemon and mints as the colours and large centrepieces which stole the wedding show with bling bling detail. 

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The attire was a beautfiul maching affair. The groom in a cream tuxedo and his bride in a white princess ball gown. The Mkhize's were all about all things bright and beautiful! The traditional attire quietly matched the bright lemon and mint decor. 

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There is no doubt that the Mkhize's had their perfect wedding and did it all in the partnership they will now forever be in. On and off the field, the Mkhize's are #squadgols. 

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