Lose That Gut in 5 Easy Steps

20 January 2015
Banish belly fat for good.
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If there's one body part that has confounded many a dieter, it has to be the stomach. Have you been struggling with losing the fat around your middle? usn.com put together five tips to help you reach your goal.

Fizzy drinks – According to research, people who drink fizzy drinks take in more calories throughout the day, than those who skip these beverages. Stay away from the fizz if you want a taut tum.

Eating out – When people eat out, many will almost always opt for anything breaded, fried, crusted, smothered, or creamed. These foods will have a higher fat percentage than anything that is grilled, boiled or sautéed. To make sure you are eating right when you go out, cut down on the condiments.

Quit sleeping late - Staying up late and then sleeping in the next morning has been linked to weight gain. When you sleep late, you are more likely to eat your first meal of the day at around noon. The food you eat will be more likely fast food with fewer fruits and vegetables. Reccomendations? Use the same schedule you use during a normal work week.

Stay away from sugar - A study from Harvard Medical School suggests that as stress increases cortisol levels in the body, it leads to cravings for sugary and fatty foods. Instead of hitting up the vending machine, reach for a smarter, deskside snack.

Stick to steady-state cardio - Combining cardio and strength training, and switching between upper- and lower-body exercises, is the ideal way to keep your heart rate up and boost your body's fat-burning potential.