Looking for the one – Date My Family

30 March 2021
It’s out there, you just have to go out and look for it!
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You missed out on a fire episode but no worries, we got you! Love, ancestors and pescatarian were the order of the day as we met 22 year old Daryl/ Gogo Nhlanhla or Drip Gogo from Gauteng who wanted to try other ways of going about this Mjolo thing especially as a traditional healer. He came in hoping to find an honest, independent and mature woman who he can see himself putting a ring on, and so the journey began!


Oh, you don’t eat meat?

First thing’s first, before Gogo Nhlanhla could enjoy his visits to the three families that have his potential bae, they all had to know that he doesn’t eat meat, yes meat. Gogo Nhlanhla is pescatarian and this came as a surprise to all three families accompanied by some opinions and somewhat disapproval as they believe it’s not every day that one meats a man who doesn’t love meat but he did explain that it’s ancestral so everyone had to get on board and he was nice about it as well.  


This though did spark some conversation with the audience and a laugh when one of Mbali’s friends from the first family asked the question “So is the chicken okay for you?” and it was downhill from there. See for yourself:


Young but mature.

Gogo Nhlanhla impressed the audience and some of the potential family members with his maturity. A young 22-year-old man who has a lot going for him is something to admire and while some wondered how he manages to be a traditional healer, entrepreneur and a musician, some thought it was commendable.


But, some people didn’t like how he thought one of the potentials was still finding herself and that made the audience wonder if she must have everything figured out and that 20s are made for exactly that, finding yourself and figuring things out.


Gogo Bae and love at first sight

Sparks were flying as a person found his person. Mbali came out on tops as the fan favourite as amny people thought she was more compatible but such was the case in Gogo Nhlanhla’s heart because this decision seemed like it was a no brainer. As a man who walks with “his guys” as he refers to his ancestors, he knew without a doubt a doubt that Mbali was the one and we even got a “love at first sight”.

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Mbali was amazingly on the same page as she was happy to see that she came out on top and even calls him “Gogo Bae” and that was a solid yesss from Gogo Nhlanhla because "he doesn't like, he loves". Hey listen, all the feels!


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