Linda – Mbokodo Lead! – Housekeepers

09 December 2018
She has not shied away from any challenge to defend her mother’s legacy.

That old saying is true – wathinta umfazi wathinta imbokodo! Some say mosadi utshwara thipa ka bohaleng: And both are true of Linda.

No one could have imagined the challenges she would face the day Boniswa killed Veronica and framed Linda’s mother. However, Linda has risen to the demanding occasion each time.

Her first challenge was proving her mother’s innocence while she was still alive. For the love of her mother June Ndlovu, she put aside her dream of becoming a lawyer and went to work as a housekeeper in what has become Johannesburg’s most dangerous home to prove that her mother is no murderer.

She shelved an opportunity to serve articles at an international firm but it proved for naught when her mother was suddenly killed in prison, most likely by the murderous Boniswa.

Someone else may have given up, but Linda couldn’t stand to see her mother’s good name dragged through the mud by people who believed she could kill anyone, let alone her helpless patient.

Her second challenge came when she learned that June Ndlovu, her mother, had inherited the entire Zwide estate. Menaing, her and Mtho would become next-in-line for the estate following her mother’s death. To get it would not be as easy as taking candy from a Zwide baby. It would as cumbersome and dangerous as continuing to pretend to be the Zwide housekeeper, proving her late mother’s innocence with undeniable evidence all while not being caught by the boold-thirsty Zwides!

Now, Linda risks it all to save her brother Mtho from near death. It seems she overcomes one obstacle only to face a devastating blow from another loss. But our Linda is resilient and uncompromising – whether it’s clearing her mother’s name, fighting for her family’s inheritance or saving a brother’s life. How much more can Linda take though? With one assassination attempt already and a planned robbery gone wrong, the Zwide are hot on her heels in the streets all while she is right under their nose.

Does our strong Linda have what it takes to face the Zwide’s as a worthy adversary? Tune into #HousekeepersMzansi every Monday at 20:00 to find out!