Life according to Somizi

20 April 2017
He has been dubbed the owner of 2017 and television, last night he gave his pearls of Somizi wisdom.
life according to Somizi

No one knows how to light up and electrify a room, television and Twitter quite like Somizi. And as we follow him living season 2 of his dream, we get a first hand look into Somizi's world. Last night he gave his perals of wisdom on life as he sees it. Since it's Somizi's world, this must be worth taking note of:

1. There is a difference between a hotel room and a hotel suite

If you and Somgaga happen to be in the same hotel, don't automatically assume you are experiencing the same luxury. In Somizi's words "You have just come from your ROOM to my SUITE".

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2. It is not an entourage but a TEAM...you are because they are

The dashing and energetic Somizi can only operate with best people around him. When he arrives with a group of people, it's not for show or a sheepy entourage but his team of people who work tirelessly with him to bring the magic.Β 

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3. A relationship is like a rental house and a house bought on bond

Relationships and readiness for them are quite simple according to Somizi: Until you are ready to bond you move around renting.

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4. Dogs...NO! Β  Cats...NO! Β  Horses...YES!

Somizi dislikes having any furry animals as pets except for a strong brown horse. Could it have anything to do with the fact that horses are also a great investment?Β 

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5. It wasn't just a great day and lunch but it was "Super Splendifirous"

TT's lunch with to ceebrate love was a success. The ingredients for a great time according to Somizi is good friends and company, great food and vibes. The words to describe it all are "Super Splendifirous"!

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