Liar, liar

18 May 2017
Sihle may not be innocent, but is Zweli?
liar liar

Since she came back, the question on everyone’s lips is: has Sihle truly lost her memory? Never one to be taken at face value, it’s no wonder her return has caused a stir, particularly among the likes of Ngwebedla and MaKhanyi.

The plot is now thicker than ever, with a newborn in the picture after she recently gave birth to Zweli’s son, the supposed heir to the throne.

But while we go on doubting Sihle, there is another snag that should have us a more weary of Zweli. The not-so-little matter of Zweli’s bloodline. Not long ago Lekalakala informed uSomahhashi omncane that his father was in fact not a Ngubane, and essentially he was not of royal blood. This, following Sihle’s bad behaviour, drove Zweli out of the Bhubesini in a bid to break free from a life that turned out to be a lie.

Zweli’s true ancestry is top secret and classified information between he and Blade. With Ngwebedla and MaCele snooping around howvever, it may only be a matter of time before the cat is out of the bag.

In the meantime, will Ngwebedla’s plan to start a fake friendship with Sihle work?

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