Kheth’umndeni – eHostela

14 January 2019
How long can Khethiwe and Mndeni chose each other with the truth hanging over them.
khethiwe and mndeni ehostela

We loved them from the moment they got on that stage and serenaded our hearts with their Mbacanga duet. However, a dark secret threatens to end Khethiwe and Mndeni’s love; can they overcome?


The good daddy’s girl who just wants to follow her dream of singing Mbacanga and being one of the few women to lead such a band. Khethiwe never imagined that she would fall in love with her father’s killer, and she remains blind to her lover’s deep secret.

Khethiwe may wear her heart on her sleeve, especially where Mndeni is concerned, but does she love him deeply enough to forgive how he murdered her father in cold blood on the most important day of her life.

Khethiwe’s father was the only person who supported her singing career. So Mndeni not only took her father but also her number one fan!


The orphaned then adopted son who is kind-hearted and respectful, but is also a cold blooded murderer. It is difficult not to love Mndeni, that sincere face that could do no wrong and his own deep desire to do nothing but sing. He is the complete opposite of his brother, Jama – an evil firecracker which makes Mndeni even more endearing.

It seems Mzansi has forgiven Mndeni for what he did to Khethiwe’s father as they root for the Kheth’umndeni love story. But how can Mndeni live with himself knowing he hurt the person he loves the most…the most.


The two lovebirds have become inseparable and the truth is a forgotten pink elephant in the room – at least for Mndeni’s guilt. We love the couple, we know Mndeni is forever regretful about killing Khethiwe’s father but we also know that Khethiwe may never be able to forgive.

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