KFC Taste Kitchen: Chopped, Seasoned & Saved

24 July 2017
The best home-cooks in the land were whittled down even further when the heat in the kitchen was turned up.
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After a nationwide search to find the best home-cooks in Mzansi sixteen duos stood head and shoulders above the rest, earning themselves the right to step into the Taste Kitchen for a chance to win a cool million rand.

Premature Exit

The show got off to a unexpected start  when one duo bowed out of the competition, even though they were about to be announced as the couple that had prepared the best dish in episode one. Giving no reasons, Hafizullah and Naseera handed over their aprons and turned their backs on the Taste Kitchen.

On a High

The mood was soon lifted when the top three duos were announced, based on their performance in the challenges given to them in episode one. Earning themselves the coveted nod from the judges were Gugu & Thandayi, Nozipho & Flo, and finally Ali & Nosizwe.



The atmosphere didn't stay revelrous for long, however. The glory was cut very short when four duos were eliminated even before they got to pre-heat an oven.


Partner Drama

The twists didn't stop there. All the couples that had auditioned as singles and subsequently paired on the show were given an opportunity to swop partners if they felt the need. All but one couple expressed that they would like to remain with their assigned partners. Natasha pulled the rug from under Ngcingci's feet when she broke the news that she didn't feel they were a compatible pair, and she would like to choose a new partner. Ngcingci took the news on the chin, and Natasha walked over and embraced her new partner Nandi. 

That left Ngicngi without a partner, and three of the eliminated contestants were brought back and given a chance to persuade Ngcingci to pick them, and effectively bring them back into the competition, an opportunity Pumla and Thembi grabbed with both hands, giving compeling argunements. Quentin, on the other hand, seemed not to be interested.

Pumla's passionate plea swung it for her, and she earned herself the right to step back into the kitchen, with Ngingci as her new partner. 


Sweet and Savoury

After Bonang had promised that there would be no more twists, it was time to get on with the challenge. The contestants reached into their Mystery Boxes and choopped, sliced, sauteed and julliened their way to making 11 sweet and savoury sides. Some duos found the perfect balance between the flavours, while others missed the mark completely. In the end, the two duos whose side dishes won the judegs over were Ruan & Aquilla and Nandi & Natasha. 


The Battle for Immunity

Nandi and Natasha, nicknamed #TeamFamilyBuffet by the judges, went to head to head against Ruan & Aquilla, otherwise known as #TeamSushi, in the first ever Taste Kitchen Immunity Challenge. Up for grabs was a guaranteed extra week in the kitchen, safe from the following week's elimination. Things heated up in the kitchen, and both teams gave it everything they had in creating the tastiest Mac and Cheese Bombs. It was Team Sushi's bombs, however, that bowled the judges over, and they were announced victorious. 


Surviving the Chop

Gugu and Thandayi, who started the evening on a high having been announced as one of the top three duos, feel spectacularly from grace and found themselves right at the bottom, and at the threat of being eliminated. Their relief when the judges announced that there would be no elimination after the sweet and savoury challenge was visible! 


Tune in to the Taste Kitchen this Friday to see who makes the cut, and who gets chopped.

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