Just Us Two

06 December 2016
The couple's story of love and commitment against the odds won our hearts.
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When people say their wedding vows, very seldoom do they anticipate that the time will come when they will have to live them out. The decision to get married is usually preceeded by love-struck optimism and dreams of an opulent wedding and picture-perfect life.

But that's not how Mncedisi and Mantshebo started their lives together. They had very humble beginnings with very little means, but they knew they wanted to be together and write the story of their lives with a single pen. So they had a very modest ceremony mostly catered for through donations of members of their church. They wished for more, but they were content in their love and their commitment. 

For richer and for poorer, they held onto each other, and life rewarded them with a second chance at a perfect wedding. Fifteen years later, they had enough to organise a vow renewal that would be a fitting celebration of a couple and a love that has stood the test of time. 

True love wins again, and we wish the Rojis nothing but happiness.