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24 February 2020
They are both willing to risk family, money and their lives to take down the enemy, so are Judas and Mpiyakhe just the same?
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It seems a paradox to consider Judas and Mpiyakhe to be the same.

But if you take a closer look, the pair are not all that different. Consider all they have put on the line just to take each other down in an age-old war between the two men that has dragged their wives, children and families into it, and you’ll see that Ngwenya and Sengwayo are two sides of the same coin.

Risking family

It is said ‘When elephants fights, it is the grass that suffers’ and this is exactly true of the feud between Ngwenya and Sengwayo. How many times has their war been fought with wives, children and family members? Remember when Judas entered the Zungu homestead, kidnapped Sengwayo’s children and pointed guns at the rest of the family? Zama begged him for mercy on their behalf but he was deaf to his own daughter’s cries until the day she died.

How about when Sengwayo kidnapped Judas thinking he had taken his missing new wife, Sibongile? Sengwayo had Qaphela kidnapped, Saddam shot, Lillian lost her baby from stress and he also killed an innocent man. After all the damage had been done, he later found out that it was not Judas who had kidnapped MaMkhize, but only after his own son Melusi had been kidnapped by Qaphela.

No price too high

How much has Sengwayo invested into taking down Judas Ngwenya? Even when it seemed Judas was down and out in jail, Sengwayo just could not let the law take its course. He sent out his team of hitmen to follow Judas from jail to court and has not spared a cent or a moment from trying to find him even now.

In the dramatic prison break, Judas lost millions, but soon enough he was back at it with more millions to start over. Top on his shopping list with his new found fortune – a hit on Mpiyakhe Zungu.

Risking their lives

Judas is willing to risk his life by wearing a disguise and personally delivering a poisoned watermelon to the Zungu homestead in hopes that the family will eat it and all die. Mpiyakhe Zungu has faked his own death as bait to fish out Judas Ngwenya. Remember when he turned into umkhovu to end Judas Ngwenya? Is there any end to what these men will do to take each other down?

Time can only tell which of these two men will win in the end. But what will be the cost of the win for Judas or Mpiyakhe?


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