It's the content for us with The Real Housewives of Durban

19 March 2022
Hello new cast members Londie, Jojo and Thobile. We are here for their fabulosity. Let us start with their awesome tag-lines. Londie -It’s been a curvy road up but wait till I get to my throne. Thobile- They say my marriage defines me, that’s not true, I play lead in my life story. Jojo- what you see isn’t always what you get; I am not your average joe.
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The black-tie no affair

The ladies got invited to a black-tie event hosted by Thobile. She did this to introduce herself to the ladies but was so late that the ladies were expecting Oprah to come through the doors. They were very disappointed to see Thobile and Mr. Mseleku walk through the doors. This dinner also had its fair drama as the married ladies, Jojo, Annie, and Londie, called it an anonymous polygamist meeting since Thobile is in a polygamous marriage. They did not enjoy it.


The power puff girls

The natural friendship between Jojo, Londie, and Annie. They call themselves the awesome trio, the Powerpuff Girls. Jojo even said that she felt like they had been friends for over ten years. 


Spring has Sprung

The season started with a bang with the introduction of new cast members. We were introduced to Jojo and Londie at Nonku’s Spring has sprung event. The ladies did not disappoint as they looked colourful and beautiful and dressed to the theme. The event was a step up from Nonku’s wine event the last season, which was not well planned. This one was well-coordinated, and Annie agreed that this was much better and well done. The drama followed these ladies as it does. Annie took offense to Nonku’s mom. She felt that she was rude because, during her speech, Annie thought that she called them beautiful but stupid. That in later episodes has come up a few times, and eventually, Annie, Londie, Nonku, and her mom sat down to hash it down. Nonku’s mom denied that she said this, and Annie and Londie insisted that she did. So that ‘makeup’ session did not end well at all.


Drive or fly?

Do you prefer to fly or drive? Londie invited the ladies to a getaway in Nambithi, and from the jump, it was a mess. Mabusi, LaConco, and Nonku opted to be driven, and Sorisha invited Thobile, Annie, and Jojo to fly with her to Nambithi. Londie drove ahead as she was the host. This caused drama as Nonku’s transportation broke down on the freeway, and the ladies had to wait an hour for the next car to fetch them. This understandably made them feel tired and grumpy etc. When Nonku found out that some people flew while she had to drive, she was furious. She did not like that she was not considered or even told about it. There were some words exchanged between the ladies at their sexy pajama party.


We’ve got your back, Jojo.

Jojo had an emotional moment at the retreat as she felt like she should not have come to the retreat. She was worried about her husband, who had had a heart attack. This is a favourite moment because the ladies rallied around her and were there for her at that moment. LaConco and Londie went to comfort her. It was a beautiful sight to see how women support each other.


Petals for my Petal

It looks like LaConco has a new bae, and he is not one to shy away from showing his appreciation. Jojo hosted a pool party at her place, and the ladies arrived in all their bathing glory. During the festivities, there was a delivery at the house. Since the event was at Jojo’s home, the ladies assumed the delivery was for Jojo, but they were mistaken. The card said Petals for my petal, and the delivery was a big bouquet. Some of the ladies felt like LaConco sent the flowers to herself, and some were excited for LaConco and commented that they could not wait to meet him.

We cannot wait for more drama as the next event happening is Jochella. Dress up and be ready to see what these ladies got up to. There will be a new episode drop on @Showmax on Friday.