Isikizi: Unforeseen sin

14 September 2016
The truth has a tragic way of coming out.
Unforeseen sin_isikizi

After losing Vuyisile, Nomazwe was sure she’d been cursed with the worst luck. Especially when, as young girl, her first born was snatched right out of her hands by Chief Zanomthetho, and murdered.

But there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. Nomazwe loss was met, months later, by a love like no other when Sizwe walked into her life. A young man, humble, armed with a vision for his future stole her heart. There was one strange thing she noted though, the uncanny resemblance of Sizwe’s voice to her late husband, Vuyisile.

This should have been the first red-flag. But anyone would dismiss that as coincidence.

Fast forwards a couple of years later, the new couple are expecting a baby. Things, however, go terribly wrong.


While she suspects that something may be wrong, she has no idea just how devastating the reality is. Nothing could’ve prepared her for what Sizwe would reveal next.

At this point, it looks like the prophecy that Sizwe was trying to escape is unravelling in front of his eyes. What is Noma going to do when she learns that she is actually Sizwe’s biological mother?

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