Isikizi: Runaway heir

27 July 2016
Fate has funny way of flipping the script.
Isikizi: Runaway heir Image : 1034

Fate has funny way of flipping the script. Just when you think you’re on the right track, you find yourself behind the steering wheel of burnt out bakkie doing what you think is running away, but is really headed on a collision course with destiny. This is the story of Sizwe’s life and how a prophecy handed down at the moment of his birth now appears to be coming true.

It was almost symbolic when, after a traditional rite of passage into manhood, Sizwe learnt the truth about himself. A truth that threw all his cards in the air repelling him from both his past and his future. He had to go. He had to leave. He had to run away from such a crippling forecast of his life. And so he did.

Nomazwe and Vuysile are living a dream deferred. After eloping all those years ago, they aren’t quite the picture of happily married so much. Having lost her first baby at the cruel hands of Chief Zanomthetho, Vuysile’s father, Nomazwe struggles to trust Vuyisile fully. He, after giving up the throne, is a shadow of the young chief’s son he used to be. But hey have stuck together through the thick and the thin.

Vuyisile hopes to change things. He too hopes to forget about the past and make an honest woman out of his beloved Nomazwe. Again, however, fate has a different plan.

As far as the old prophecy goes, Sizwe has ticked the first box. Unwittingly or not, he’s murdered his long lost dad in the dead of the night. Does this mean he’s going to see out the rest of his fate?

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