Isikizi: Murder is in the heir

13 July 2016
Isikizi: Murder is in the heir Image : 1017

Being born of royal lineage is a privilege. And just like all the other social privileges afforded to some, royalty piggy-backs off of exclusion. It’s a difficult, if not impossible, club to enter and its custodians guard it with their lives and often hold on to delusions of grandeur.

Social rank is everything to Chief Zanomthetho and, after having amassed all this clout and power, the tiniest prospect of all that privilege being taken away is enough to drive him to kill. So he does. Well at least that's what he instructs his advisor to do.



This is where the story begins. With a new born baby escaping death at the hands of his own ruthless grandfather. A prophecy from the ancestors paints a terrible picture of what’s to come as the chief decides that the illegitimate heir must be killed and his seed thwarted from early on. Vuyisile pays this contemptible price for breaking royal code and falling in love with Nomazwe, the far-from-royal village girl from around the way.

When, out of the blue, her water breaks and she goes into labour, the truth comes out and the young couple lose their baby at a collision course between destiny and free-will. But fate always has a different plan. Will the baby ever be found? Will he ever know the truth about himself?

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