Isikizi: Fate catches up

05 October 2016
A tragic prophecy. A tragic ending.
Isikizi running away

So here are. At the end of road travelled. A road exhausted. A road tragic. The very prophecy we thought was ludicrous has seeded its way into reality. Leaving all whose lives hang on it, upheaved and far from the protection of the ancestors. Isn’t it funny how in hindsight things are clearer?

We are only able to know at the end of a thing, the direction we were ought to have taken. We all should’ve listened to Ma Dhiko when she delivered the chilling prophecy on that day, all those years ago.

Things for Sizwe, Nomazwe and Vuyisile were doomed from the beginning. Running away from fate, it finally caught up with them.

First it was Chief Zanomthetho who thought that by killing Vuyisile and Nomazwe’s son, a son was destined to take over the throne, he could avoid the prophecy. Then it was Lindani. The poor man simply couldn’t kill a fly and here he was, ordered to murder a new born baby. Not only could he not do it, he took the child and ran away with him, handing him over to his sister and brother-in-law to raise.

Twenty years later, after learning the truth about himself, that the parents he’d come to know and love, were not his biological parents, Sizwe was the next one on the run. But all that did was hurl him in the direction of his chilling fate. Unawares, he rammed into and killed a man in the middle of the night. Only to learn much later that this man was Nomazwe’s husband.   

…And then that Nomazwe, whom he marries, ends up being his biological mother.

Nomazwe’s heart broke into a million pieces. All the loss and lies was too much to bear. Not only had she lost her baby and husband, she was now also losing Sizwe, in a cruel twist of fate.

In the end, like a circle, the prophecy came back to the very person on whom it was unleashed. The time had come for Chief Zanomthetho to face the music. Just as Ma Dhiko had warmed, when all is said and done, he will submit his chieftancy to Sizwe.

Could all of this heartache and shame have been avoided?

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