Isikizi: Disgrace

20 July 2016
There’s not a lot that can compare to losing a child.
Isikizi: Disgrace Image : 1027

There’s not a lot that can compare to losing a child. Losing a new born baby before you could even give them a name. But much is sacrificed at the alter of tradition and destiny.

Nomazwe has lost everything. Her new born baby, her life and her dignity in the Eastern Cape town of Mount Frere. All because she fell in love and then fell pregnant by Chief Zanomthetho’s son, Vuyisile. With that, however, Vuyisile really does cares for and love Nomazwe.

But how could he stand there and let the chief murder his own baby? Why didn’t he stop this from happening? In reality, this is often easier said. As the son of a chief, Vuyisile is bound, almost against his will, to uphold tradition and more importantly his father’s instruction. However harsh.

Free will is an unrelenting force though. A birthright. And despite all the chief’s rules and regulations Vuyisile chooses Nomazwe as the rejected and tormented couple escape their grim fate for a future together.

Lindani, the chief’s advisor, couldn't bring himself to follow the chief’s orders and kill the child but gave the boy to his sister and brother-in-law to raise and keep his true identity a secret. They name the baby Sizwe.

Twenty years later upon returning from a gruelling rite of passage practice through manhood, Sizwe learns a chilling truth about himself.


What does this prophecy mean? He couldn’t possibly do such a thing? And where are his real parents?

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