Isibaya: Woman to woman

09 August 2015
Isibaya: Woman to woman Image : 564

Thandeka continued seeing the apparition of what she thinks is Sbu's mother, and she's curious to know what she wants. Problem is, only she can see her, and she just kept waiting for her to appear and tell her what she wanted.

There is unrest at Bhubesini, and the puppeteer pulling the strings is Mandla Ndlovu. He incited violence among the workers, convincing them that Mpiyakhe wants them to starve. The got so angry, they pelted MaDlamini and Bhekumuzi with stones, and as the unrest grew, they blocked off roads so that if they couldn't work on it, nobody could use it.

Samson Ndlovu was certain he'd struck gold, until Bhekifa declared that he would only get two million rand in compensation and not a cent more. It turned out not to be necessary at all, as Mpiyakhe finally got through to Gog' Ntozabantu, who agreed to have the graves moved, at a compensation of R50 000.

After milking a cow, washing the same cow and thatching a roof, Jabu finally seemed to have earned Mpiyakhe's forgiveness.

Nkabinde's dark magic had Thandeka thinking she had the honour of being visited by Sbu's dead mother, who urged her to solder peace between Samson and Sbu. She passionately declared that she wouldn't rest until the two were reunited. Will Thandeka play into Samson and Nkabinde's hands?