Isibaya: Winner takes all

15 January 2016
Isibaya: Winner takes all Image : 773
After months of playing house, the pretending that has been underway at the chief’s compounds is about to come to an earsplitting crescendo. The secret worlds of both Qondi and Bhekifa are being launched into the open like explosives with the potential to destroy many lives.

As a big time chief, when his love just wasn’t enough, a corrupt Bhekifa used his power to force Qondi into a sham marriage. He whipped out a string of threats from his bag of explosives and promised the girl he’d massacre her whole family at the burial of their traditional healer, Gogo Mkhithi, should she refuse.

Frightened, she surrendered. Forsaking her family and her Fezile. She sacrificed her life to save that of her loved ones. At the hands of a heartless man, who claimed to love her, Qondi went on to live a life under duress. A life that was a lie.


Back eManzini, Zungu, Mkabayi, Fezile and Nqobile were doing their own digging. With Ngubane as a common enemy they all bunched together and found out that, not only was the chief instrumental in the smuggling of guns into the valley, he also led a cartel of hitmen and terrorists. Nqobile’s journalistic nose led her to the chief’s fraught history of corruption and blood shed.

The dirt

This was information enough to bring him to an end. And with it Sengwayo – edged on by a blood-thirsty MaNcwane and Mbulazi – was in a position to strike.

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All the huffing, puffing and false hope from Nkabinde couldn’t save Bhekifa now. Should we expect a dirty fight from him?

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