Isibaya: When times are tough

03 November 2015
Isibaya: When times are tough Image : 688
Jabu’s been through a whole lot and after over coming his drug addiction and being shunned by his family, the guy’s truly been to hell and back. But the past has a funny way of fishing in the present.

Juice is the reason for Jabu’s addiction and, as a dealer, he can’t stand to see an old druggie sober up. According to him, there is no escape from the underworld. Once a drug addict always a drug addict.

Back from a traumatic experience, Jabu is caught between a rock and a hard place when Iris accepts Juice’s offer to make dirty money. Does he do it because of the money? But what about all his efforts to leave that kind of life behind?

The hardship continues between Thandeka and Sbu. They pair are finding it harder and harder to get along. Not only are they from warring families, but there is also a sense that they’re moving into different worlds, worlds that clash.

As a modern young woman Thandeka’s career is flourishing and demands a great deal of her time. A committed husband Sbu was always her pillar. It was only until he met Don, that he wondered if there was chemistry between them. But this was only the tip of the ice-berg.

After the tensions that accompanied both Mpiyakhe and The Ndlove’s visit, Sbu not only felt emasculated but he felt himself drift further from Thandeka.