Isibaya: What's done in the dark

21 June 2015
Isibaya: What's done in the dark Image : 497
What a tangled web we weave when we practice first to deceive. Secrets and deception abounded on Isibaya this week. Jabu found out he had a little brother he had no knowledge off before Skhaleni haphazardly let the news slip, unaware that Jabu didn't know. A furious Jabu demanded to know from Thandeka why the news of Alexander had been kept from him, and why Mpiyakhe was keeping the boy aware from his mother.

Thandeka furiously planned Sbu's surprise birthday party, complete with buying her husband a vintage car. She enlisted the help of her brothers Jabu and Melusi, whose hushed and suspicious sounding talk of "stuff" had Sbu convinced Jabu was not only back on drugs, but was leading Melusi down that dangerous path. Thandeka fiercely defended her brother, trying hard to convince Sbu that the "stuff" could've been anything else.

Disappointed that Qondi would not be able to attend a family wedding with him because of an important case at the council, Fezile took matters into his own hands, kidnapping the defendant, a deadbeat father from Bhubesini, long enough o convince Qondi and Zweli that he had gone missing and they had no other choice but to postpone the hearing. Qondi was able to join Fezile for the wedding after all, but what will she do when she finds out how Sikhakhane disappeared?

MaNcwane and Mpiyakhe were prepared for possible war from Samson over his burnt taxi, and were convinced Samson would try to pin the blame on them in order to start a war. At the UTA meeting, Samson did the unexpected when he insisted his taxi burnt down because of faulty wires, completely absolving the Zungus. What could he be up to?

Thandeka got a nasty surprise at Sbu's birthday party when she walked into Jabu's room to find him and Melusi huddled over a packet of cocaine. Jabu had just warned Melusi of the dangers of drugs, and he hadn't touched it himself, but that's not how it looked to Thandeka. Will she believe him?