Isibaya: Up in arms

27 September 2015
Isibaya: Up in arms Image : 636

After Thursday nights episode, it looks like Thandeka and Sbu’s troubles have gone from bad to worse. Not only is there a worrying Don lurking in the background, seemingly ready to pounce on Thandeka, now there’s most certainly a ‘Lerato and Sbu locking-lips situation’. Did you guys see that?

Something must’ve led the pair into each others arms. The trigger happy violence that ensued at the taxi rank following Sweety being caught out as a thief, was unsettling to Lerato, reminding her of the tragic way her son Thabang, was killed in a cross-fire. Sbu on the other hand, might’ve been feeling lonely, with Thandeka all the way in Brazil with Don. But does all this justify what has to be the biggest betrayal? What a test for their young, innocent love!

But Lerato is also having to deal with her father’s unrelenting squeeze Doris. Doris, naturally, no longer wants to creep around with Shaddy as she demands he propose marriage to her. It’s all happening a little too fast! But we don’t see Doris pumping the brakes anytime soon.

Back at the rank, just when Ntandane thought he’d found a potential fling, there she goes and shows herself to be a bad apple. All the while she was making friends with the gang at the taxi rank, she was playing the resident pick-pocket right under their noses. Sticky-fingers Sweety, really wasn’t sweet at all.

She soon found herself at the wrong place and the wrong time as she was caught red handed thanks to the cameras that had been installed at the rank. Those violent taxi drivers were primed to make a meal out of her but ubhut’ Dumisani noSbu swoop in, guns ablaze, to save the poor damsel.