Isibaya: Unmasking the gun-smugglers

23 December 2015
Isibaya: Unmasking the gun-smugglers Image : 758
When Mkabayi blew Nqobile’s cover, she turned out to be more help than harm to the Zungus as she revealed her true intentions: To find her father’s killer. A killer she’s convinced may be Bhekifa Ngubane. But what her investigation brought to light was both fascinating and disturbing.

However, it would be the key to unlocking an underworld of gun-smuggling and arson dealing with none other that Somahhashi, bang in the middle of it.

Closer to the truth

In the past couple of years the valley of Bhubesini has been victim to taxi wars fuelled by the illegal supply of weapons. Ntuli, MaNtuli’s husband was found to be one of the smugglers and has since been serving that sentence in custody. The issue’s caused divisions in the UTA with Mpiyakhe and Mkabayi accusing Gatsheni who played his cards close to his chest, as he does.

After a series of interviews and a whole lot of research Nqobile, Mpiyakhe and Mbulazi are led to a syndicate. Something of a secret bomb squad. A squad under the command of Bhekifa and his right hand assassin, Blade.


If this shocking information came out, it would be the culmination of many things and with Qondi’s life hanging in the balance, will the Zungus act quick enough to save her?

A lot riding on this

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